St Cuthbert’s Way – Day 4 (Final Day)

We began the final stretch of this walk to venture across The Pilgrim’s Path across the causeway from Beal to Holy Island, Lindisfarne. It’s approximately 3 miles of walking barefoot across muddy, soggy, wet sands, following the guide poles that mark the route.

Along the way we encountered a seal sanctuary nearby (see vid), the girls enjoyed searching for seashells and I concentrated on avoiding any creature that may have been lurking in the sands! It was amazing to take the walk , recalling all who had come this way before us and all who were yet to venture out.

As we set off it all seemed a bit precarious and slightly crazy thing to do, as we slipped all over the seaweed to get to the sands. But then we began to laugh, to enjoy being in the middle of nowhere and yet at the centre of everywhere. For a brief moment in time we were able to stand in the middle of the ocean! And feel safe. And feel connected. And feel good.

As we approached Holy Island, on the far side of the Pilgrim’s Way, one of my daughter’s put her arm in mine and said ‘well mum, do you feel any more spiritual now than when we started?” I thought about all the hills we had climbed these last few days, the valleys we had strolled through with aching limbs, the challenges and joys along the way and the fun we had shared crossing the sands together and the quiet moments of prayerful reflection along the way. Arm in arm, as we stepped onto Holy Island and completed this first chapter of our quest I thought of my answer to her question ‘do I feel more spiritual?’. Yes I do. For it doesn’t get more spiritual than this!

Thanks to Lisa and Dave (& Lola) for journeying with us on our way. And thanks to my Dave (Dobby) for chauffering, feeding, cleaning up and generally putting up with us and our aching limbs! Now for a long rest for a few days…..

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