Isle of Mull – Day 1 of 3

So here we are, after a 4 hour drive from Annan, followed by a fun ferry ride from Oban to Craignure, we are now settled on this delightful campsite on Mull where we will be for the next three nights. The sun is shining and the ocean is calm. I can feel the warmth of the sun shining down and all is calm around me. Dogs and humans are all calm…. Something about being here brings calm with it. People come and go on and off the beach before us, all calm (even the babies!). Peaceful, tranquil place.

Port of Craignure

I thought I’d share with you some beautiful words from a book I am reading ‘Anam Cara’ (which means ‘Soul Friend’) by John O’Donohue. Here are a couple of extracts about Light and the eternal. Food for thought….

“Light is the mother of life…. Light is the secret presence of the Divine. It keeps life awake. Light is a nurturing presence which calls forth warmth and colour in nature. The soul awakes and lives in light. It helps us to glimpse the sacred depths within us.”

And a little later on he writes: “The eternal is at home – within you. The eternal is not elsewhere; it is not distant . There is nothing as near as the eternal”.

Here are some pics from our ferry ride and settling in at the campsite. Hope they make you smile. Tomorrow we’re off to Iona – perhaps there will be more glimpses of the Divine on those sacred shores. God bless x

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