Quest for Spirituality

Travel with me on this journey. Travel light. Enjoy!

My journey begins at Melrose in the Scottish Borders, where St. Cuthbert started his religious life in 650AD. I will be walking (mostly) from there to Lindisarne ( Holy Island) off the Northumberland Coast, his eventual resting place and his original pilgrimage shrine. Then I will journey up to Iona, Skye and then Glencoe, to indulge in some Celtic spirituality and beautiful Scottish mountains and coastline. Accompanied by family and friends, I will post reflections here along the way.

God be with you till we meet again x

St. Cuthbert
“Have faith and wholeheartedly trust God who will never abandon those who love Him”

Published by revhelen

A methodist minister on a journey..... to spiritual ‘places’...... to savour and reflect..... to be....

One thought on “Quest for Spirituality

  1. I’ve just caught up with your blog. What fantastic photographs, especially of the Isle of Mull and Iona. I worked in the Pennyghael Hotel on Mull for a summer a long time ago and was fortunate to visit Iona and Staffa – very special places. Hope you will be able to keep those peaceful momwhen you you return.


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