Illuminating Our Soul…

This is one of my favourite phrases in the bible. God inviting us to be still. Still. Still….. and in the stillness we sense the presence of God. At least, that’s how I interpret these beautiful words and practicing the art of stillness is something I’d recommend to all fellow seekers of soulfulness. There’s aContinue reading “Illuminating Our Soul…”

Glencoe – Majesty, Massacre & Mountains Galore!

I have always loved mountains! When I was 11 my school took us on an outward bound retreat at Blairvadach on the east shores of Gare Loch, near Loch Lomond. We did many fun activities, including climbing a mountain and my group had the joy of going up one Ben Lawers, the highest mountain inContinue reading “Glencoe – Majesty, Massacre & Mountains Galore!”

Can Spirituality Be Defined?

Many have attempted to do this and we have numerous definitions which I will share with you on this blog here. I was asked at the start of my sabbatical ‘what is the question you want to answer in your studies?’ I found myself unable to come up with a question, except the one thatContinue reading “Can Spirituality Be Defined?”

For Auld Lang Syne…..

Scottish history is packed into the music passed down over centuries. O Flower of Scotland, Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, Skye Boat Song and Auld Lang Syne – all telling stories of the beloved land of Scotland and friendships treasured down the years. Auld Lang Syne is sung around the world on New Years EveContinue reading “For Auld Lang Syne…..”

Isle of Skye – For the Love of Fairies!

A wise man once said: ‘Skye is not a place but an intoxication’. None more so than it’s fascination with fairies and their place in the legends of the island. I have spent hours and hours reading the legends and stories of the Celtic folk and never found anyone to explain the origins of fairiesContinue reading “Isle of Skye – For the Love of Fairies!”

Isle of Skye – where Fantastic meets Phenomena!

I have been blessed with a vivid imagination which enables me to transverse between the ‘real’ day-to-day world and the possible or the extra-ordinary or even the fantastical world. Stories full of vivid description of mystical places become so real to me as I venture into whatever magical places the author chooses to take me.Continue reading “Isle of Skye – where Fantastic meets Phenomena!”

Isle of Skye – To the Western Shores!

I’ve always loved lighthouses. They are a good thing in often treacherous places, they bring light to those who are at risk and they stand tall and sleek against the headland, their residents dedicated lighthouse men and women who, for years, lived in these remote places to keep the lights shining when needed most. TodayContinue reading “Isle of Skye – To the Western Shores!”

Isle of Skye (day 2) – Gardens for the Soul

Those of you who know me quite well also know I am a useless gardener! I love being in the garden and enjoy lots of different colours and scents of flowers and shrubs, but I have no idea what any of them are. I still get my geraniums and chrysanthemums mixed up! But, despite myContinue reading “Isle of Skye (day 2) – Gardens for the Soul”

Isle of Skye: A Touch of Heaven on Earth

I have heard talk of  ‘thin spaces’ on earth – places  where people have felt closer to the Divine (be that Heaven, God or whatever spiritual beliefs they have). By the seashore is one of my thin places, any seashore, but especially when it is really stormy or really calm waters. I find the seaContinue reading “Isle of Skye: A Touch of Heaven on Earth”