St Cuthbert’s Way – Day 3

St Cuthbert’s Cave

Today we were joined by the girls Godmother and my best friend Lisa and hubby Dave and their dog Lola. We walked from Old Hazelrigg, past St Cuthbert’s Cave and onto Fenwick. Approx 5 miles today. Lots of fun had on the way, including Koda’s first encounter with a cow close up, some meandering along a yellow-brick road through a field of corn, some breathtaking views out over Lindesfarne and of course, the stunning St Cuthbert’s Cave.

It is said (in the guide) that St Cuthbert’s body was taken to the cave by monks in 875 AD during their flight from Lindisfarne following repeated Viking raids on the island. You can imagine the monks laying down their precious burden to shelter there after the traumatic events of the preceding days. A very moving place to visit and rest a while…..

Glad to rest now before we ‘stroll’ across the sands to Lindesfarne tomorrow morning….. BBQ prepared for us by the men when we got home. Thank you ‘Team Dave’!!….. zzzzzzzz

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